You Don’t Know How Good Some Things Are Until You Know Them

On August, 28th 2022 both Earth Overshoot Day and World Nature Conservation Day were observed. It was an auspicious occasion. “Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that the earth regenerates during the entire year.” ( and World Nature Conservation Day, as its name indicates, promotes worldwide conservation of nature.

Though it shouldn’t need to be said, the two go hand-in-hand. The more we consume the more we destroy nature and the renewable resources it provides. As the annual trend of increasing incinerating heat continues, it’s critical that each of us evaluate how we live and consume. 

Amazon deforestation continues to accelerate and was at a record pace in the first half of this year. Our insatiable consumption drives this destruction. In turn, it contributes to rising world temperatures which fuel wildfires worldwide.

We consume. Nature vanishes. We bake.

closeup of a charred log

The criticality of nature is well known, yet we continue to live largely in ways that lead to its destruction. For some things like nature it seems we don’t realize how important they are until they’re gone, if ever.

For others we don’t realize how important they are until they exist (or we know them). One’s life partner, children and good friends come to mind. One’s life philosophy is another.

Knowing one’s life philosophy requires understanding what is essential in the context of the realities of our world. These realities include what is happening to nature worldwide and to our climate. A life philosophy that ignores reality is more of a life delusion.

As you internalize the realities behind Earth Overshoot Day and World Nature Conservation Day, consider your life philosophy. Perhaps if we invest more of ourselves in pursuing, knowing and living our life philosophies, we would place less emphasis on consumption centered lives. We all might even find fulfillment in the face of the troubling reality that confronts us. 

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