Summer Vacations and Life Philosophy

The cost for summer vacations, and travel in general, has skyrocketed. Increased demand, soaring fuel prices and labor shortages are all part of the mix. Yet the need to experience new climes is also arguably at a high point. Most of us have been spending a lot of time at home.

A lagoon at Pictured Rocks National Park. Copyright 2022 The Center for Life Philosophy.

Undoubtedly the need to disconnect is the main reason we go on vacations. Surveys strongly support this. Most use vacations to get away from the routines of work and daily life. Other top reasons include reconnecting with nature and experiencing new places and cultures.

While none of this may be surprising, an opportunity that vacations hold may be. A key part of knowing your life philosophy is expanding your perspective on an ongoing basis. Doing so allows you to create new connections that can help you know or confirm what is essential to you. Perhaps this underlies the desire for people to experience new places and cultures on their vacations. 

For those who know their life philosophies, continuing to have new experiences is a means to validate and evolve theirs. A stagnant life philosophy can become out of sync with you, your life and the realities of our world as they change over time.

Vacations can also be a time to reconnect with personal sources of meaning and what you place value in. Both as common components of life philosophies. Drawing upon each of them is revitalizing. Nature is one common source of meaning and a part of the reason it rates so high on vacation objectives.

As you head out on vacation consider adding some intentionality to your get away. It can be a means for advancing your life philosophy. It is possible to connect and/or reconnect while you disconnect. It is also a way to get more for your time and money on vacation.

If you don’t know your personal life philosophy consider getting started on yours now.

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