Finding Joy.

Looking up through massive redwood trees

Much about our world can be deeply troubling. It is entirely understandable if the weight of the world pushes you into an existential crisis. Finding joy in such times may seem irrational. It is not any more irrational than thinking that joy must find you.

Joy may be the most powerful human emotion. Yet, we steer clear of it in discussion with others and generally do the same in our daily existence. You may even feel a bit uncomfortable with the topic as you are reading these words. It seems we believe experiencing joy requires joy itself to find and engage us. It’s as if there is a universal superstition that joy can only be experienced in unexpected, fleeting moments that are beyond our control

We all have personal sources of meaning – aspects of the world, our lives and existence that move us. Knowing your sources of meaning doesn’t change the harsh realities of our world. It does help keep present the deep and moving connections that can lead to times of joy. Joy that is less unexpected and less fleeting than we generally experience.

If you are fortunate enough to know your sources of meaning, cherish them and experience them as often as possible. Let joy come your way in the face of what troubles you.

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