Easing Into Actively Developing Your Life Philosophy

Once you commit to knowing your life philosophy it’s natural to want to have it fully developed. Like much that is remarkable, they take time to fully mature. 

Early on enthusiasm and desire to know and have it in hand can take over. Most want to go right to thinking through what should be included and to start capturing these thoughts. Even so, the actual crafting is best undertaken later. Shortcutting the process can lead to a personal philosophy that isn’t well developed and doesn’t bring value to your life.

As you look to get started, there are better ways to begin. Stepping back and understanding the lay of the land is helpful. In the current context “the lay of the land” is you, your life and the world. 

A useful place to begin is understanding your motivation for why you want to know and live your personal philosophy. We all have our unique motivations. Knowing and recording yours will provide an ongoing source of drive. Drive that can get you over any obstacles you encounter. 

Your expectations for your life philosophy are valuable as well. They provide context for the elements that yours should contain. For instance, expecting your life philosophy to be a source of direction elevates the importance of including your aspirations. Similarly, emphasis on personal or fundamental truths is critical if you seek to create a better means for making sense of life and the broader world. 

Your life situation is another consideration that is useful to make as you begin. It influences your state of mind, the amount of time you have available and the degree to which you can get beyond the basic aspects of life. Understanding your life situation can help you work around existing barriers.   

Capturing your thoughts on life and the broader world is also worthwhile. It is a way to scratch your itch to jump directly to crafting. It will also be helpful when you work through your perspective and identify what is essential.

Tools to help you make these and other useful considerations are available in the considerations section of the Development Center on LifePhilosophy.net. Making use of this resource will help you get started effectively. It will ultimately allow you to realize your unique life philosophy so that it can bring significant value to your life.

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