Key Considerations for Developing Your Life Philosophy

Committing to actively develop your life philosophy is a notable event in your life. This is especially so if your commitment is to creating one that is more than a personal motto that can be used on a bumper sticker or t-shirt. While these are fun ways to make a statement, your life philosophy will have richness and complexity that will bring more than witty comments from others.

As you look to get started there is a lot to think about. We all have our own motivations, expectations and life situations. Understanding yours before you begin will help you know the right approach to choose. It will also help you know if personal support would be helpful. Both can fuel your launch.

There are also considerations that will be relevant along the way. As you develop your life philosophy you will likely encounter questions and challenges. Finding answers to your questions and overcoming any issues you face is another key to success.

Before you start

Just like having a good foundation of knowledge of the world is important to developing your personal philosophy, having a good knowledge base and understanding of personal philosophies is helpful. If you have not already done so, please consider using the Life Philosophy Learning Center and reading On Terms of Your Own: The Pursuit of Being and Fulfillment in a Challenging World.

There are almost limitless good reasons to develop a personal philosophy and we each have our own. Understanding yours will be useful as you develop it and especially as you make it part of your life. Consider using this self-assessment before you begin.

Self-assessment:  Your motivation for developing your personal philosophy. 


  • Before you begin, consider finding a setting that allows you to focus and create a clear mind space.
  • Take a few minutes and think about why you want to develop your personal philosophy.
  • Record your thoughts in a way that you will be able to access them in the future.

Just like we each have our own reasons for developing our personal philosophy, we each have our own life situation. We all encounter major events that are a significant force in our life or we may find our self in a place where the winds of life are not blowing strongly and we are looking for something more. It is good to acknowledge your life situation before you start developing your personal philosophy. Where you are at emotionally and mentally has a significant influence on your perspective on the world. 

Self-assessment:  Your current life situation. 


  • Take some time and think about where you are in your life.
  • Record your thoughts.

Developing your personal philosophy can be a rewarding experience as can making it a part of your life. Understanding your expectations for your personal philosophy before you begin can be helpful now and as you look to make it part of your life.

Self-assessment:  Your expectations for your personal philosophy. 


  • Take some time and think about your expectations for your personal philosophy.
  • Record your thoughts.
  • Consider using the following prompts:
    • I expect my personal philosophy to…
    • My personal philosophy will…

The fact that we are all unique and have unique perspectives is a fundamental premise for personal philosophies. That uniqueness also influences how we go about everything we do. Your uniqueness should be considered as you look to start developing your personal philosophy. For some, forging their own way is natural and they enjoy the challenge of doing so. For others, a defined route and amenities along the way are helpful. Think about your personal nature and preferences as you decide upon your approach for how you will develop your personal philosophy.

Along the way

While developing your personal philosophy and integrating it into your life will not happen in an afternoon on a weekend, how long it actually takes is based entirely on you. It is good to understand your pace and expectation for how long it will take. If you are looking to get there faster, consider a defined approach and higher level of support along the way. Like with most things, investing more time and effort in developing your personal philosophy will improve the result and the value it will bring.

While there is no necessity to ever share your personal philosophy with anyone, there are good reasons to do so as you are developing it. Having someone to talk with that you can trust, and someone that is not going to force their perspective on you can help as you work through what can be weighty thoughts and feelings. It can also help you sort through the junk that is floating around in our heads and hearts from the pressures others exert upon us. Too, it can just help you think through things by talking them through with someone you trust. 

Developing your personal philosophy requires you to cover a lot of mental and emotional ground. Understanding your progress can be tricky. Knowing the approach that you will take and being able to establish milestones along the way is helpful. Especially if those milestones allow you to make decisions for yourself about your progress. As you look to decide the approach that you take in developing your personal philosophy, give consideration to how you will know that you are making progress. Not doing so creates a risk that you may think you are not making progress when you may be doing so rapidly. The opposite may also happen. The approach is designed to help you understand your progress along the way.

The process of developing a personal philosophy is ongoing by nature. The point at which you are ready to start living your personal philosophy is not defined by absolute criteria. As your personal philosophy begins to come into perspective, it is likely that it will begin to be a part of your life even as you are still developing it. In general, there is a point at which the initial version of your life philosophy is complete and making it a part of your life becomes the focus.

It is also true that you are never done developing your personal philosophy.  Knowing this is a part of living it. As you live your personal philosophy you learn and grow and the world changes. Your personal philosophy should live and grow with you as well.

Be better equipped to develop and live your personal philosophy.


On Terms of Your Own:

The Pursuit of Being and Fulfillment in a Challenging World.

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What’s Next? Decide upon an approach for developing your personal philosophy.