On Terms of Your Own:

The Pursuit of Being and Fulfillment in a Challenging World

On Your Own Terms is the definitive resource on personal life philosophies. It is designed as a guide for knowing and living yours. The insight it presents enables you to understand what is essential to you and to craft that knowledge into your personal philosophy. Through knowing your personal philosophy, you can live on terms of your own in the face of all that confronts you.

Available in paperback or as an ebook

Available in paperback or as an ebook

What's Included:

– Context on why personal life philosophies are essential life tools in a challenging world

– New practical concepts including essential connections, life paradigms, the life paradigm change cycle and ways of being to realize what is essential to you, help you better understand your life and to fully live it

– Diagrams of key concepts to help visual thinkers

– Answers to questions you will likely have as you develop your personal philosophy and pursue living it

– Designed as a facilitated journey

– Utilizes a flexible, tiered approach to allow you to determine what works best for you

– Includes clear steps within each segment of the journey to help you make tangible progress

– Encompasses all the critical aspects of crafting your personal philosophy to be transformational

–  Available as a paperback or ebook through 

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