About LifePhilosophy.net

LifePhilosophy.net is a resource for learning about and developing an essential tool for living in an increasingly complex world, your personal philosophy.

LifePhilosophy.net is established on these truths:

  • The world is becoming increasingly complex and difficult for individuals.
  • We all need a basis for understanding ourselves, our lives and the world.
  • No one, including any ‘authority,’ has the answers to what is important in life or how to live it.
  • It is up to each of us to define our own basis for understanding the world and living our lives.

Personal philosophies are essential life tools. 

Your personal life philosophy is your unique understanding of and perspective on the world and life including how you think life should be lived and the world should be. Personal philosophies generally include your most fundamental truths about life and the world, your highest aspirations for them and can incorporate anything you think or feel is essential such as what you place value in and find meaningful.

Developing, actively knowing and intentionally living your unique personal philosophy meets important needs we have as individuals. The experience of developing your personal philosophy in a concerted, intentional way helps you get in touch with the world, life and yourself and can be both affirmational and transformational. Actively knowing your personal philosophy provides a basis for understanding your life and the world on your own terms. It creates clarity about what you seek to invest yourself and your life in. Intentionally living your personal philosophy has benefits large and small, from influencing your daily mindset, to providing a basis for life decisions to inspiring you to pursue your greatest aspirations.

Since personal philosophies are not widely taught, known or pursued, LifePhilosophy.net exists to help spread information about them including what they are, the value they can hold and what is involved with developing one that can bring real value. Everyone can and should develop their personal philosophy and live it. Through doing so, each of us will become more empowered and more enlightened, and we will live lives that better resonate with us. Collectively, we will be better able to address the dramatic political, social and environmental changes happening now and that will continue to accelerate in the future.

Here you can:

However you do so, please pursue developing and living your personal philosophy. Doing so may be the most transformational experience you undertake for yourself and lead to the most significant contribution you make to the world.

Learn about personal philosophies.

Start developing yours.

Get help with yours.