Knowing your life philosophy is essential to living an engaged life.

Knowing your life philosophy is essential to living an engaged life.

We all have a need clarity in our lives.

We also need to make sense of the broader world.

Knowing your life philosophy helps with both.

The challenges confronting each of us
are rapidly escalating.

The challenges confronting each of us are rapidly escalating.

Tightening global resources,
extreme financial inequity,
deteriorating global climate,
rampant discrimination,
the proliferation political and religious radicalism and
the technological eradication of personal privacy
threaten each of us and our common good.

As the social and environment effects of climate change worsen so will these threats.

As individuals we find ourselves living in a time of existential crisis.

No one has the answers for us all.

The nature of the relationship between the individual and society is transforming.

Our institutions are increasingly ineffective at representing and helping us.

The traditional sources for understanding and directing our lives are less and less useful.

We each have to make sense of life in our own way.

Knowing your life philosophy helps.

Your life philosophy is your unique perspective on the world and life clearly stated.

It captures your most essential knowledge about how life should be lived and the world should be.

It provides clarity, purpose, strength, meaning and drive. 

There are resources to help you craft and live your life philosophy. is dedicated to you knowing and living your unique life philosophy.

Life philosophies are essential life tools. Living an engaged life is becoming increasingly challenging. The problems that face us as individuals and humanity as a whole are continuing to grow more intractable. The traditional sources for making sense of our world and life are less and less useful. Each of us has little choice but to figure our own basis for making sense of it all. Yet, we have generally been taught to turn to others for answers. Knowing what is essential to you and using this as your basis of understanding is perhaps the only workable option.

Your personal life philosophy is this basis. Knowing yours can lead to fulfillment in the face of the challenges that confront you, our humanity and our world. This website exist to help you in the pursuit of knowing and living your personal philosophy. Please pursue yours for yourself and for of us all.

A few reasons why you need a life philosophy:

Make sense of a complex world.

There are no absolute answers about life or the world.  We each have to make sense of it on our own terms.

Find your meaningful direction.

Knowing what is essential in the world and what you place value in helps you know your meaningful direction in life.

Be inspired.

Understanding your greatest aspirations for the life and the world is a freeing source of inspiration unlike any other.

Become a superhero.

Your personal philosophy can help you realize strength and understanding that are your unique superpowers.